Temporary Foundations

Temporary Foundation


For All Post Installations

NAL Temporary Foundations are highly stable portable bases which secure all types & sizes of illuminated & non-illuminated street furniture during temporary construction works. Posts or columns are locked in position with the Retention Socket ensuring that they cannot be stolen or rotated. At the end of the project poles are removed and the foundations can be uplifted and stored for future use. Given the versatility of the Retention Socket, this system is ideal for many different applications including temporary traffic signals, signs, lighting, CCTV, speed and vehicle detection cameras, bus stops, power points and site hoarding.

Product Benefits

  • Highly stable bases designed to EN40
  • Free design service
  • Furniture secured with unique Retention Socket System
  • Certified lifting points / mechanism ensures safe movement
  • Simple installation and removal of posts and columns
  • Theft and vandal proof
  • Easy to store and re-use numerous times
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