The Mission-GENIUS joints all pipes within one dimension in the size range stated above and will resist an internal water pressure of 2.5 bar.

Genius (DN)                Total-Size Range (mm)                                                                100                                    108 - 137                                                                                            150                                    158 - 192

The Mission-GENIUS has been designed to the profile of the Mission Standard Coupling and comes with two integrated bushes that can be folded out and removed on one or both sides depending on the application.

The right solution always to hand: What ever pipe material needs to be jointed within one dimension (DN), the Mission-GENIUS will always be the right flexible coupling for the contractor. The connection can be made immediately and the site work can continue without delay.                        


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Standard Couplings

Mission Standard Couplings are primarily designed for jointing pipes in sewerage, drainage and other non-pressure applications and comply with the requirements of Water Industry Specification WIS 4-41-01 „Specification for flexible couplings for gravity sewerage and drainage pipes“.

Due to their robust design they have the ability to provide a reliable seal on any pipe material whether rough e.g. concrete or smooth e.g. PVCu. Whilst the centre shear band provides resistance against heavy earth loads and shear forces, helping to ensure pipe alignment with joint flexibility.

The unique design of the Mission Standard Couplings offers the end user the following benefits:

  • The thickness of the rubber sleeve allows for greater flexibility and the ability to withstand an internal water pressure of 2.5 bar on pipes such as ductile iron and plastic.
  • The new “locked-in-place” profile of the rubber sleeve ensures that both end clamps and shear band remain securely in place during transportation to the job site.
  • The elimination of spot-welds on the shear band and their replacement with fasteners using TOX ® technology enhances the corrosion resistance of the couplings. Uses
  • As a joint for plain ended pipe.
  • Where a post connection is required to an existing drain or sewer.
  • The repair of existing pipelines by the insertion of a new length of pipe.
  • As an adaptor between pipes of different diameter or materials. (Where the difference in diameter exceeds 12mm a bush should be used if an Adaptor Coupling is not available).
  • Jointing short or cut lengths of pipe.
  • Provision of rocker pipes adjacent to structures.
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Large Standard Couplings

Large diameter Standard Couplings incorporating a unique bolting system are made to order to suit specific site requirements and will suit any pipe diameter up to 2100mm.

Due to the use of modern fabrication methods any coupling can be supplied to site within 24 hours.

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Extra Wide Couplings

Standard Extra Wide Couplings are principally designed for joining large diameter pipes of size DN 1000 and greater. The 300mm width of the coupling allows for greater tolerance in the cutting of the pipe ends as well as providing for greater movement of the pipe ends due to settlement or thermal movement.

Whilst generally used on pipes over DN1000 couplings are available to suit pipes from DN300. 

These couplings, because of their extra width can also be used to repair pipes, which are cracked or have suffered local damage. 

All couplings are manufactured to suit specific site requirements and can be produced in any diameter.

Uses :

  • Connection of large diameter pipes
  • Repair of cracked or locally damaged pipes
  • Use where angular deflection at the joint is greater than that allowed by a Standard Coupling
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Drain Couplings

Drain Couplings are designed for use in drainage systems, where the resistance to earth loads and shear forces provided by a shear band is not required. They are available to joint drainage pipes up to 225 mm diameter.

Due to the use of modern fabrication methods any coupling can be supplied to site within 24 hours.

  • As a joint for plain ended pipe
  • The repair of an existing drain by the insertion of a new length of pipe
  • As an adaptor between pipes of different materials
  • Jointing short or cut lengths of pipe
  • Provision of rocker pipes adjacent to structures
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Adaptor Couplings

Adaptor couplings are designed to provide a solution to most requirements for adaptation between pipes of different sizes and materials up to DN 300. The range covers both traditional and new pipe materials an important factor with the increased development of brownfield sites.

The couplings consist of a stepped moulded sleeve with different diameters at each end, which is sealed on the pipes by two clamping bands.


  • Connecting pipes of different outside diameters and/or materials without the use of a bush
  • Connecting laterals to sewers or drains
  • Connecting pipes to prefabricated structures e.g. manholes, inspection chambers, septic tanks
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TWISTEE Saddle Connection

The TWISTEE saddle is suitable for any thick walled main sewer from DN300 and above with a minimum wall thickness of 32mm. It connects directly to any DN150 lateral.


 - Versatile - will connect directly to any DN150 lateral pipe (clay/twinwall/Ultra-Rib/PVC)

- Suitable for main sewers from DN300 and above, minimum wall thickness of 32mm

- Diamon cored hole (186mm) - eliminates damage to existing sewer

- Cost reducing - no need to order clay/concrete junctions

- Saves time and money on site - elimination of cement mortar for jointing

- Durable and dependable - provides a reliable and flexible watertight joint until 0.5 bar

- WRc ApprovedTM (PT/413/0118)

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Also available in Drainage Systems