Electrofusion Control Units

TPS offer a range of Electrofusion control boxes which have been tailored to the Utility Hire Market, where problems and downtime cost money. The units are built in a strong plastic case, with a steel protective frame to protect them from damage in rugged environments. They have an intuitive user interface allowing data to be quickly and easily uploaded and downloaded.

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Our portable site generators are specifically designed to be compatible with Electrofusion Control Units, complying with the relevant ECE1/TIN12 Specification.  All models are 110 V, and available in 5kva and 7.5kva power output.

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Alignment Clamps

Restraining Clamps will hold Polyethylene pipe securely during the weld process while also providing accurate alignment.  Made from lightweight die cast aluminium and steel, the mains clamp is quick to install and easy to use. Available with straight or angle maker base 22.5° increments and can also be supplied in 2 or 3 way configuration.

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Pipe End Preparation Tools

Scraping is an important part of the electro fusion process and TPS can offer various types of pipe scrapers, from hand held manual scrapers to a complete range of mechanical pipe scrapers.


Rotary Scraping Tool

Manually operated mechanical scraping tool (models available to suit pipe diameters 63mm - 710mm).  Ensures a controlled cut depth and length across the whole joint area.




Barrier Pipe Preparation Tool

The Barrier Pipe Preparation Tool has been designed to correctly prepare and remove the polyethylene and aluminium barrier layers of pipes in sizes 90-180mm, prior to the electrofusion or butt fusion jointing process.






Pipe Exposure Tool (PET)

The PET has been designed for the for the quick, simple and safe removal of the polypropylene peelable skin on Radius Systems ProFuse® pipe.


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Top Loading Clamps

Top Loading Clamps are designed to apply the correct force during the welding process for electrofusion Tapping Saddles and Branch Saddles (adaptor foot required for branch saddles). Top Loading Clamps are easy to use, durable and strong by design.

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Welding Shelter

Welding shelters are used to minimise the risk of joint contamination during electrofusion and butt fusion.

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