Stakkabox Structural Access Chambers

STAKKAbox™ is a range of sectional, modular and structural preformed access chambers. Access chambers are manufactured in various composite and polymer materials. Due to these features, STAKKAbox™ chambers are light in weight yet very strong, offering time saving benefits and a reduction in costs for the installer.

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IDS Datum Non-Structural Chambers


  • High strength & rigidity.
  • Tapered interlocking skirt for stacking integrity
  • Precision duct entry cut-outs
  • Designed to ensure NJUG recommended depths of cover
  • Cover and frame height and tilt adjustment
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled & recyclable material
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Concrete Chambers

TPS supply a range of concrete chamber sections used to easily form cost effective access chambers, compared to brick built chambers. Concrete chamber sections are commonly used to access utility valves, hydrants and connections.

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