Guardian Goalposts

Guardian Goalposts

Overhead Cable Warning Systems

The NAL Guardian Goalposts offer a complete overhead cable warning system utilising lightweight telescopic posts that conforms fully to HSE GS6 guidelines for the avoidance of danger from overhead electric power lines. These GS6 Goalposts are lightweight and easily transported and assembled to full carriageway clearance height in minutes, by just one person.

The telescopic poles are manufactured in highly visible red and white non-conductive Glass Reinforced Polyester Resin (GRP) and supplied as a set with either bunting, cantilever arm, or a solid crossbar options along with either galvanised steel or concrete bases.  An Illuminated Bunting System is also available for night time working.

On completion of works the GS6 Goalpost system can be removed from site and reused or stored easily. This overhead cable warning system offers many cost and environmental advantages over the traditional pole in barrel method.

Product Benefits

  • Fully Compliant with HSE GS6
  • Fast and easy installation by one person
  • Full height clearance over carriageway
  • Highly visible red and white posts with reflective options
  • Small storage footprint
  • Lightweight and extremely transportable
  • Non-conductive
  • Reusable time and time again
  • Various top and base options to suit site conditions
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Illuminated Bunting System

Illuminated Bunting for Overhead Cable Warning Systems

The NAL Illuminated Bunting System is a lightweight illuminated cable which is used in conjunction with NAL Guardian Goalposts. This system ensures the Guardian Goalposts are clearly visible to operate at night and in adverse weather conditions without the requirement for additional lighting.

Being battery operated with a continuous operation time of 30 hours there is no requirement for expensive mains power connection or generators. Waterproof and lightweight detachable power units can be recharged safely off site. Goalpost Bases can be supplied with secure housing for the power units to eliminate risk of theft or damage on site.

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight Illuminated Bunting
  • Simple to fit to NAL Guardian Goalpost System
  • Up to 30 hours of continuous illumination
  • Choice of colours available
  • Small detachable power/ battery unit in IP66 enclosure
  • Optional secure enclosure fixed to Goalpost Base
  • Recharges within four hours
  • Photo cell allows automatic switch on at night


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