Pre-insulated Valves for District Heating – V-flex

The V-Flex valve system is the first such pre-insulated valve system to be available for plastic pipe systems and will be welcomed by DHS (District Heating) designers for providing much greater control over heat networks. In effect, it means that the valves can be used to shut down entire networks or to isolate individual streets/ properties making network maintenance and extensions much easier.

V-Flex transforms the ability of operators to control and service PB networks by delivering zonal control via pre-insulated valve technology that can be fusion welded directly to the main network.

The valve innovation includes a key-operated steel ball valve inside a polyethylene casing, insulated by PUR foam, and incorporates PB tails for a fully welded connection to a Polybutene pipe network.

The valves can be specified for single or twin pipe applications and come in a number of chamber sizes (to accommodate depth variation) in order to provide flexibility in network or zonal control. Each chamber provides easy access to the valve and includes a lockable lid as an option.

Also available in Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems