Traffic Islands

The Marshalls traffic islands comply with the Traffic Advisory Leaflets TAL 7/95, 7/93 and 11/94 as well as with the Highways Act 1980, the Traffic Calming Act 1992 and the Highways (Traffic Calming) Regulations 1993. They are also compliant with Local Transport Note LTN 01/07 and 01/08. They come in two profiles: Satellite and Refuge. Both types can be either permanent (fixed in the ground) or demountable (can be disassembled and relocated). All traffic islands are pre-formed in factory controlled conditions, ensuring design accuracy and specification validity. Furthermore, bespoke traffic islands and delineations for cyclists are available for new upcoming cycle areas. Traffic installation kit included with instructions.

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Cycle Segregation

The Cycle Segregation unit by Marshalls is a versatile concrete heavy cycling segregation product. It is used to create a protective barrier between cyclists and vehicles, ensuring safety for experienced and beginner cyclists alike. The unit is available in either a Natural or Conservation kerb finish with a choice of Marshalls Granite or Scoutmoor Yorkstone Setts or Concrete infill providing various options to ensure its integration into the landscape. *PLEASE NOTE, CONSERVATION SILVER GREY CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH STANDARD GREY.

The segregation unit uses bullnosed and 45 degree splayed kerb profiles to ensure a safe passage for the cyclist. The outside bullnosed profile is design to stop vehicles mounting the unit to potentially endanger the cyclist. A 45 degree splayed kerb on the inside means cyclists of all abilities can use the cycleway without fear of colliding with a steep kerb. Marshalls caters for both turning and straight road segregation pieces. Send us your road map and we will create a cycle segregation piece that will meet your requirements. The unit is demountable and utilises NAL sockets, meaning it can be disassembled and relocated when required.

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Also available in Traffic Management Systems