Retention Sockets

The features and benefits of RETENTION SYSTEMTM for installing and managing posts, street furniture and roadside objects, apply not only to the infrastructure but to everyone involved in the design, build, maintenance and daily use of it. High-strength, reusable RS socket foundations provide cost-effective environmental solutions for passive safety engineering, infrastructure maintenance requirements and replacement of posts in repeat knock-down areas. By eliminating repeat excavation, congestion on the road network is significantly reduced and roadside work and driver safety improved. For those involved in specifying and managing urban environments, the capital investment and huge reliance on all aspects of the urban environment can be protected. Street furniture can be cleanly fitted and more easily maintained. Infrastructural posts and traffic-control systems can be upgraded or replaced quickly. And all post installations in RS sockets deliver significant cost savings and safeguard against disruption, downtime and excavation.

  • Patented design tested to international standards
  • Approved and used throughout the world
  • High-strength, reusable design survives vehicle impact
  • Solution for knock-down and access-control locations
  • Eliminates repeat excavation, disruption and expense
  • Shallow foundation options for congested sites
  • Easy to handle, adjust and install on site
  • Facilitates electrical cabling at ground level
  • Simplifies project, contractor & site management
  • Assists maintenance and seasonal schedules
  • Supports health and safety work practices
  • Promotes environmental policies and targets

Also available in Retention Socket Systems