Electrofusion / Butt Fusion

Flexalen's Polybutene (PB) medium pipes can be connected homogenously by means of fusion welding.

Our complete range of PB-1 fittings and modern welding technologies ensure full homogeneity and water-tight sealing of all indoor and outdoor installations. That way, the performance of the system can be maximized at full flow speed, and no hassle. We also accommodate transition to other materials such as mechanical fittings by compression, flanges or weld-to-weld solutions.

Prefabricated Fittings

Complete insulation of connections

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, prefabricated tees, elbows and customized connections are available to simplify network connections while maximizing installation speed and reliability. This allows a homogeneous, full-proof insulation of welded connections. Altenratively, insulation kits are available for our entire range of pre-insulated pipes. 

Transition Fittings

All-in solutions

The Flexalen system is able to accommodate transition to other materials such as mechanical fittings by compression, flanges or weld-to-weld solutions. All Flexalen components are carefully selected and tested to fulfil technical specifications as well as sustainability standards to the highest degree.

Restraining Clamps

Fixed to last

In order to effectively anchor your system, we offer a range of restraining clamps for both single and double line pipe systems. The anchor plates, threaded pipes and elbows durably restrain the pipes in all the necessary places.

Sealing Systems

Seal off your pre-insulated system

A choice of end caps or heat shrink sleeves ensure complete sealing of Flexalen pipe systems. They are available for both Flexalen 600 single and double lines, as well as our pre-insulated straight lengths (Flexalen SL).

For wall penetrations, the Link-seal annular space sealant embedded in the masonry provides a perfect seal against water ingression. For straight lengths with a smooth outer casing, we offer rubber rings that are highly resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and solvents, while also acting as a firewall.

Also available in Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems