Gate Valves

TPS supply Gate Valves in sizes 50mm to 1200mm for drinking water (to EN1074 / BS 5163) and waste water treatment applications, operating at up to 16bar as standard (25bar also available on request) to a maximum temperature of 70°C.

The wedge gate valve is designed to operate in the fully open or fully closed position to isolate the flow. Operation of a gate valve is performed by rotating the stem in an either a clockwise to close (CC) or anti-clockwise to close (ACC) motion. When operating the valve stem, the gate moves up- or downwards on the threaded part of the stem.  

The range is complimented with a range of extension spindles, caps and handwheels available to suit the valves supplied.


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Fire Hydrants

TPS stock and supply WRAS approved Fire Hydrants to BS 750 for below ground installations (above ground 'Pillar' type Hydrants are also available on request).  Available with London Round Thread, Bayonet Lug, Instantaneous and Belfast 'V' Thread outlets. 

Features & Benefits
  • WRAS approved
  • Ductile iron construction
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Fully maintainable
  • Auto-frost drain valve as standard
  • Inlet flange PN10/16 drilling
  • London round/Lug/Instantaneous/Belfast V gunmetal outlets


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Air Valves

Plastic Combination Air Valve (Clean Water)

Available c/w 2" Lever Handle Isolation Ball Valve & 80mm PN16 Flanged Connection.


Designed for efficient discharge and intake of air in water transport systems, filtering systems, containers, and other places where confined air could impair the system’s operation.

The valve is appropriate for:

  • Expelling the air at high flow velocity during the initial filling of the systems
  • Introducing large quantities of air when the pipe drains, maintaining atmospheric pressures in the pipe and preventing collapse and cavitation damage to the conduits
  • Relieving the entrained air from the water, while the network is pressurised.



Cast Iron Combination Air Valve (Clean Water)

Available 2" Threaded & 50mm - 400mm PN16 Flanged Connections.


Designed to ensure proper operation of the pipeline network, allowing the release of air pockets during working conditions, the evacuation and entrance of large volumes of air during filling and draining operations. 

This valve is suitable for:

  • Main transmission lines
  • Water distribution networks
  • Irrigation sytems
  • In general, this model is used on changes in slope and at the high points of a pipeline 



Cast Iron Sewage Air Valve

Available 2" Threaded & 80mm PN16 Flanged Connections.


The air valve guarantees the proper operation of sewage lines allowing the entrance of a large quantity of air in case of pipe burst or draining, the release of air pockets during working conditions and the discharge during pipe filling.

This valve is suitable for:

  • Sewage main transmission lines
  • Treatment plants
  • Irrigation systems in presence of solids/debris in suspension.
  • Whenever the technology of air valves for treated water can’t be used for the risk of clogging and damages to the internal components.
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Butterfly Valves

TPS offer a range of wafer, lugged & tapped butterfly valves in various construction materials allowing them to be used in many applications including water distribution & treatment, agricultural, compressed air, oils and gasses. We can also offer a range of manual, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic actuators to suit.

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Check / Non Return Valves

Swing Check Valves

Resilient seated swing check valves are suitable for use with potable water, raw water and sewage, to a maximum working pressure of 16 Bar.  Swing Check Valves are non return valves installed in pressure pipelines, used to check the reverse flow of liquid, by use of a swinging disc inside the fitting. Valves without a lever and weight fitting are only suitable for lower velocities.  When fitted, the external lever provides good indication of valve position and the full port provides good service in both water and wastewater.

Available 50mm - 600mm


Spring Assisted (Silent) Check Valves

Silent Check Valves are commonly used for clean water applications (particularly where there is high head) because of their quiet high-rise buildings and high head applications because of their quiet closure.  In water distribution systems, they normally consist of a flanged body; a corrosion resistant seat; and a disc with integral stems. When the flow is initiated, the disc is pushed to the left to allow forward flow. When the flow is stopped, the compression spring in the valve forces the valve closed before the flow reverses, which provides silent closure. 

Available 50mm - 300mm

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