Dismantling Joint

Developed for Complete Versatility

The Dismantling Joints are double flanged fittings that accommodate up to 100mm (4”) longitudinal adjustment and can be locked at the required length with the tie bars supplied. Not only does this system allow for fast, easy maintenance of valves, pumps or meters, it simplifies future pipe work modifications and reduces downtime when changes need to be made.

Easy to Install

The installation is also straightforward using just a spanner and torque wrench to tighten the high tensile steel or stainless steel tie bars. With fewer tie bars than flange holes and the tie bars acting as flange jointing bolts theprocess is speeded up but still offers a secure, rigid, fully endload resistant system with a pressure rating equal to that of the flange.

The Range

A comprehensive range is available from DN40 (1½”) to DN2400 (80”) with virtually any flange drilling or pressure rating supplied, although larger sizes and custom made Dismantling Joints can be designed and built on request.


ABS Steel Stainless Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Clay Copper Concrete Ductile Iron GRP HEP30 Lead PE PVC


Water Gas

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Self Anchoring Joints

The FlexLock system provides a self-anchoring method of joining ductile iron or steel pipes and offers a cost effective, quick and simple alternative to traditional anchoring systems such as site welding, harnessing or thrust blocks.

Above Ground or Buried Application

FlexLock is a unique pipe jointing system that is fully end load bearing. Gaskets have embedded stainless steel teeth that grip the outer surface of the pipe, yet still allow for angular deflection of pipes in service. This prevents pipes from separating under pressure loads, making FlexLock ideal for above ground and buried applications, soft ground conditions or temporary pipe work.

End Load Restraint

Available as flange adaptors and couplings, FlexLock works on the same compression joint principle as standard Viking Johnson products but as the compression bolts are tightened, the stainless steel teeth grip around the outside diameter of the pipe, providing a fully end load restraint joint. Internal pressure in the pipe causes the assembly to lock firmly providing a leak proof joint.

The FlexLock range consists of couplings and flange adaptors with nominal sizes from DN50 (2”) up to DN300 (12”) and are suitable for use on cold potable water pipelines with a maximum operating temperature of 40°C.


Steel Ductile Iron


Water Gas


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Large Diameter

Robust & Reliable - a Proven Solution for New Lay Pipes

The dedicated range is designed for use with new-lay pipes, and other specified situations where the pipe material and nominal sizes are known in advance. Customers can choose from Viking Johnson’s standard range or have them custom made to suit a range of diameters and working pressures. This flexibility makes Viking Johnson the natural choice for most major pipeline projects.

Design Liaison

Viking Johnson has worked with clients, consultants and contractors all over the world, assisting in the selection of the product most appropriate to each individual project. Such assistance can include detailed design co-operation with specifying engineers, site visits to aid successful installation,specially designed products to suit project requirements, proof testing in our comprehensive in-house test facility and handling of the extensive documentation and inspection requirements often associated with large projects.

Designed for Flexibiity

For pipeline design and installation engineers,the Viking Johnson large diameter couplings are extremely versatile. Each coupling sleeve is internally barelled, allowing greater angular deflection. Ideal when accomodating misaligned pipes

Product Capability

Large diameter couplings and flange adaptors are available in a wide range of sizes to suit virtually any customer requirement. Products can be supplied to suit all standard and non standard pipe diameters from DN350 to DN4000. Stepped couplings join pipes of different external diameters and flange adaptors can be supplied with flanges drilled to any national or international standard, or to customers’ owns pecification with a pressure up to PN100.


All products are designed and manufactured under quality management systems certified to ISO 9001.


ABS Steel Stainless Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Concrete Ductile Iron HEP30 PVC


Water Gas Industrial


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Dedicated Couplings & Flange Adaptors

The QuickFit coupling range is designed to connect plain ended pipes with similar outside diameters. The full range includes couplings and flange adaptors to suit pipes with nominal sizes between DN50 (2”) and DN300 (12”). One fitting can accommodate PVC, coated and uncoated steel pipe and ductile iron pipe as well.

New Lay & High Pressure Applications

The QuickFit range is ideal for new lay schemes as the fittings are preassembled with close tolerance to allow for quick installation. They are also suitable for high pressure applications – DN50 to DN125 are available up to 46 bar, DN150 to DN300 to 29 bar as standard. Higher pressures are available as fabricated specials.

Close Tolerance

QuickFit is a dedicated product offering a narrow tolerance on pipe outside diameter.

Transferring the End Load

QuickFit flange adaptors are not end load-bearing products and in the event that the application requires restraining, tie rods are required to transfer the end load forces to an anchor flange on the pipe. The design of QuickFit flange adaptors is such that there is sufficient clearance to allow the tie rods to pass over the end ring without the need for notching. This means that one product can be offered for both flexible and tied configurations, thus reducing stock holding.

Removable Locating Plugs

QuickFit couplings are available with removable locating plugs, to prevent coupling creep on above ground pipelines caused by repeated pipe movement from temperature variation, continuous vibrations and movement. The removable locating plug (optional) ensures the coupling can slide fully over the pipe ends for quick and simple installation. Once installed they engage between the pipe ends to prevent the coupling moving beyond fixed limits.


ABS Steel Stainless Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Copper Concrete Ductile Iron HEP30 PVC


Water Gas Industrial


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