Wide Tolerance


A Versatile Solution for Pipe Jointing.

MaxiFit universal pipe couplings are designed to accommodate plain ended pipes with different outside diameters. One fitting is able to connect a wide variety of pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, PVC, cast iron, GRP and asbestos cement pipes amongst others. The range is designed and manufactured under quality management systems to BS EN ISO 9001 and meets the requirements of the UK Water Regulations & EN 14525.

Wide Tolerance.

With up to 34mm tolerance on the pipe OD it not only eases installation but can reduce the need for expensive and time consuming trial holes, reduce stock holding and increase stock turn over. MaxiFit is an adaptable and economic solution to most pipe connections. All products in the range have a test pressure of 24bar on water (9bar on gas) and are suitable for 16bar working pressure for water (6bar on gas)..

Quick & Efficient Installation.

The versatile range is pre-assembled with an innovative gasket which has ‘slide easy’ ribs that reduce friction on pipes at the upper tolerance range of the fitting, providing maximum sealing pressure, even on scored, pitted and corroded pipe surfaces. The captive non-rotating bolt heads require just a single spanner to install with just one standard bolt torque across the range. These features allow for a quick and efficient installation even in the most difficult of conditions..

Extensive Range

The expansive range is available in sizes DN40 up to DN700 and includes MaxiFit couplings & MaxiFit Xtra long sleevedcouplings, MaxiStep reducing couplings, MaxiDaptor flange adaptors, MaxiCap, MaxiThread End Cap, & MaxiFit Large Diameter couplings & flange adaptors.


ABS Steel Stainless Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Copper Concrete Ductile Iron GRP HEP30 PVC


Water Gas
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Universal Pipe Fittings

The MegaFit range of universal pipe fittings represent the very latest in mechanical pipe coupling technology, with products designed to connect plain ended pipes of the same nominal bore, with same or different outside diameters. One coupling is able to connect steel, ductile iron, PVCu, cast iron and asbestos cement pipes, thereby reducing stocks.

Simplifies Stock-holding & Installation

MegaFit products are designed for use in repair situations where the exact outside diameter of the pipes are unknown. An OD tolerance range of up to 34mm is offered, which has the effect of reducing stockholding, down to one size per nominal diameter, also simplifies installation.

Simple, Reliable Seal

The MegaFit range design incorporates end rings which are designed to enclose the gasket. The unique ‘slide easy’ gasket provides maximum sealing pressure, even on scored, pitted and corroded pipe surfaces through its distinctive circumferential ribs offering a simple installation and guaranteed seal.

Approved Quality

The MegaFit product range includes couplings and flange adaptors, which are available from DN50 (2”) to DN300(12”). All models are designed and manufactured under quality management systems to BS EN ISO 9001 and have been tested by Viking Johnson’s comprehensive in-house research facilities to the most exacting performance requirements of the UK Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).


ABS Steel Stainless Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Copper Concrete Ductile Iron HEP30 PVC


Water Gas
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Designed for Both Water & Gas Applications

UltraGrip products are designed to offer a solution to joining plain-ended pipes and contain an end load resistant mechanism, that grips and seals onto a variety of pipe materials including cast iron, ductile iron, steel, PVC* and PE*.

Progressive Gripping

One of the key components of Next Generation UltraGrip is the progressive gripping mechanism, which increases its end load restraint capabilities as the internal pressure in the pipe increases. One gripper system suits all recommended pipe materials. In addition, the grippers are removable allowing UltraGrip to be converted to a flexible product to allow for axial movement. The gripper and seal sub-assembly can accommodate up to 44mm pipe outside diameter variation depending on nominal size.

PE Solutions

In fact, Viking Johnson can offer, within its range, two alternative solutions for connecting PE and iron pipes across a wide range of sizes. You can choose between the UltraGrip range of couplings and adaptors or the UltraGrip Pecat adaptor, which contains a factory fitted and tested, transition joint connecting the two materials.

Ease of Installation

On site, the Next Generation UltraGrip is easy to install. The product is pre-assembled to allow for quick positioning over top and bottom tolerance pipe with reversible captive bolts requiring only a single spanner for tightening. An ideal product to choose when dealing with tricky site conditions such as confined spaces.

*Please note PVC & PE pipe materials require the use of a close fit stainless steel liner


Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Ductile Iron GRP HEP30 PE PVC


Water Gas


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UltraGrip Amplified

The extension to the proven UltraGrip range of wide tolerance restrained fittings now includes DN700 and DN800 sizes, which are ideal for new lay and large scale infrastructure projects. All adaptors and couplings are rated 16 bar, plus there is a full set of 2D and 3D CAD and BIM models.


Steel Asbestos Cement Cast Iron Ductile Iron MOPVC PE


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Also available in Couplings & Flange Adaptors