Tubular Steel Lighting Columns

These are the backbone of our Transport network supporting the Luminaires that light our Highways, Towns and City’s. Designed to BSEN40, TPS has a wealth of experience, and a long history in supplying Tubular Lighting Columns and have established ourselves as a Market Leader. Although in appearance these columns might seem unchanged for decades, our manufacturing partners in-house design team are constantly improving the design, characteristics and levels of protection to provide the best product on the market.

  • Proven Design specified by many Local authorities.

  • Great Value.

  • Configurable and Versatile.

  • Hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:2009.

  • Designed to BSEN40.

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Tapered / Conical

Tapered Conical Steel Lighting Columns

Typically specified by our customers when a decorative more aesthetic look is required. They have a more sleek transition from a larger base diameter to a smaller top diameter. This Taper or reducing
diameter along its length often helps the column blend into its surroundings more successfully as your eyes are not drawn to the traditional swage or neck joint which are typical of stepped tubular columns. These columns are still designed and manufactured to the same rigorous criteria as the Tubular type and the same brackets, Flange Options and accessories can be specified.

  • Sleek Modern Aesthetic.
  • Flush fitting Door.
  • Blends into Environment.
  • Can be Curved to produce decorative integral outreach of the lantern.
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Passive Safety

Passive Safety or Passively Safe Columns, Slip Base (100NE3), FRP (100LE3), Steel (100 HE3)

Passively Safe Slip Base Columns – NE

This pole reduces the speed of a vehicle on impact, due to its design the pole will breakaway and will move over the vehicle. The result of 100 NE 3 (No Energy Absorbing)is a combination of low primary injury risk and an excellent passenger safety.

  • Safest on Medium and High Speed Roads for occupants.

  • Slip Base ensures column completely detaches from base.

  • Designed to BSEN12767 (100 NE 3 – No Energy Absorbing).

Passively Safe FRP Columns – LE

Columns made of fiberglass-reinforced plastics designed to BSEN12767 provide a maximum of passive safety for motorists. These completely insulated and non-conductive poles snap off upon vehicle impact, instead of serving as a rigid barrier. Therefore Rated as 100 LE3 (Low-Energy absorbing)

Highly stable, maintenance-free, and cost-effective: FRP columns are corrosion-resistant to pollutants such as CO2 and roadway salt, and demonstrate great mechanical and dynamic strength. Good vibration-damping properties contribute to a long life cycle of luminaires and fittings. Mechanical damage to the surface can be repaired without difficulty and at low cost.

Our ultraviolet-resistant FRP poles are available in all RAL colours.

  • Deforms on impact then snaps off to absorb a low amount of the collision energy.
  • Designed to BSEN12767 (100 NE 3 – No Energy Absorbing).
  • Corrosion-resistant FRP.

Passively Safe Steel Columns – HE

Unlike the NE Slip Base & LE FRP Columns our Steel Passive safety columns are not designed to snap or shear off at the base. Instead they are designed to progressively compress on impact and flatten under the vehicle gradually slowing the vehicles movement and absorbing a large amount of the impact energy. Therefore they are rated as 100 HE3(High Energy Absorbing) When used in conjunction with a ground retention socketthey can be removed and replaced after a collision with relative ease.

  • For use in urban areas where secondary impact is likely.

  • Reduces speed of vehicle gradually.

  • Absorbs a High amount of Energy from the collision safely.

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Raise & Lower

Mid Hinged (Small -Medium), Base Hinged (Small – Medium), Flange Hinged (Tall Structures)

Mid Hinged Raise and Lower Columns

Our Mid Hinged Columns are suitable for Light Duty applications typically in conjunction with post top luminaires. We can provide either a Rope operated version which has a canopy that acts as a counter balance and also a lever arm to assist lowering with a rope only.

  • Rope / Hand Operated.

  • Counterbalanced for variable loading.

  • Simple to operate.

Base Hinged Columns

Our Base Hinged version is operated by means of a removable winch system and has a self-contained and Hidden Hinge Mechanism. Aesthetically this means it looks very similar to a Conventional Tubular Column and no unsightly protrusions. We can provide winches with various load capacities which means that heavier lanterns and fittings can be attached to this type of column and is therefore our medium duty solution. The winch is small and compact and can be easily carried from one column to the next. It has obvious advantages over our competitors Large and heavy Tools.

  • Hand Winch Operated.

  • Medium – Heavy Duty.

  • Conventional Tubular Aesthetic.

  • Separate Flush Door Access without lowering.

Flange Hinged Columns

The Flange Hinged Columns are typically used when heavy loads and tall structures are required.
We use a specifically rated Screwjack tool to raise and lower the column in conjunction with Cordless powertool ensures a smooth and fast operation of the raising and lowering procedure.

  • Portable Screwjack and power tool operation.

  • Heavy Duty Loading and tall structures.

  • Smooth, Fast & Easy Lowering Operation.

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Flange Plated

Flange Plated

It is not always possible to excavate and plant a standard Column root into the ground. It is therefore 
possible to manufacture nearly all our products with Flange Plates so that they may be directly connected to Pre-cast concrete Foundations.

  • Suits pre cast foundations with Pre-set studs.
  • Fast Erection and Assembly.
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Also available in Street Lighting