Temporary Cable Shroud

Temporary Cable Shroud


For All Post Installations

The NAL Cable Shroud has been developed for use with Temporary Foundations, specifically when they are being used to secure illuminated or solar powered street furniture. The Shroud creates a void around the Temporary Foundation enabling the storage and protection of excess electric cables and associated equipment; completely removing the requirement for expensive and disruptive traffic management.

The Cable Shroud is manufactured and supplied in two parts, connected by a hinge mechanism, enabling it to be easily retrofitted on site and securely locked together with a padlock. The sloping top eliminates traditional problems of foundations being used to discard litter.

Product Benefits

  • Protects the public from dangerous equipment
  • Eliminates the need for traffic management around Temporary Foundations
  • Reduces the risk of personal injury claims
  • Reflective banding ensures high visibility at night
  • Sloping top stops litter
  • Allows works programs to continue during major public events
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