Precast Concrete Drainage Pipe

The benefits of a concrete drainage and water management may be measured through a variety of elements. It has the versatility to meet project challenges head-on and can easily handle heavy duty applications, detailed streetscape designs and sympathetic conservation schemes. In addition, advantages include excellent physical performance, pleasing aesthetic appearance, reconstitution abilities and overall life-long cost-effectiveness.

TPS offers an extensive range of spigot and socket pipes in a variety of diameters and lengths to meet our customers’ project requirements.

All of our spigot and socket pipes are manufactured and CE marked in accordance with European Standard BS EN 1916, the specification for unreinforced and reinforced concrete pipes (including jacking pipes) and fittings with flexible joints. They are also designed to meet BS 5911 for concrete pipes and ancillary products.

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Easi-Base™ addresses a long-standing problem associated with traditional methods of manhole construction. Labour intensive, in-situ practices typically taking up to 36 hours are eliminated by the fully integrated unit which can be installed and connected in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of Easi-Base™:

  • An extremely fast, efficient and economical method of constructing manhole bases on site.
  • WRc approved and accepted by main UK Water Authorities
  • Significant Health and Safety benefits.
  • An immediate watertight structure allowing for other trades to instantly follow on.
  • Factory pre-fabrication provides quality finish to channelling and benching and enables accurate combinations and variations for entry/exit pipes.
  • Connects with any type of pipe and is compatible with the DN1200 130mm wide wall chamber ring
  • Maintenance of channels and benches aided by clean access for inspection.
  • Environmental benefits include both a reduction in excavated materials and imported ready mixed concrete and mortar.
  • An 80 year guaranteed system.


Features of Easi-Base™:

  • The DN1200 Easi-Base™ is made to an internal diameter of 1200mm with tongue and groove joint profile to match standard  DN1200 manhole chamber rings.
  • Wall thickness is 150mm
  • The base has a 150mm floor thickness with the outlet invert at approximately 150mm from ground level
  • A 1% fall exists across the channel toward the outlet (1:100)
  • A gradient of 1:10 is present at the benching with the run-off toward the channel
  • The height of the DN1200 Easi-Base unit varies in accordance  with the diameter of the main channel running through the  unit. (Please refer to the table above for heights).
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Precast Manhole Chambers

Precast manhole chambers are available from TPS in a wide range of sizes in both the standard and wide wall range.  Made from strong, dense concrete, concrete manholes are capable of withstanding infiltration and attack from corrosive environments. Complementary products such as cover slabs are also available.



  • Strength and durability
  • Manufactured to BS EN 1917:2002
  • Reinforced
  • Standard and wide wall systems available


  • High resistance to infiltration and leaking
  • Able to meet all design requirements
  • Reduced construction time compared to cast in-situ


  • Stormwater Manholes
  • Sewer Manholes
  • Pipeline Junctions
  • Pipeline Direction Changes
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Concrete Gullies

TPS provide an extensive range of gullies and gully cover slabs. Our road gullies and gully cover slabs are manufactured in accordance with BS 5911-6.

Our precast concrete gullies are extremely robust and ideal for both domestic and heavy duty use. 

Benefits of the Gully

  • The seal has been cast-in, thus preventing loss or damage on-site

  • An integral seal and rodding eye for universal sealing characteristics

  • The rodding eye closure has been recessed into the concrete to help eliminate dislodgment

  • Reduced thickness, giving reduced weight and a smaller footprint for better vehicle utilisation

  • Improved system that helps prevent any discharge of oil

  • The gully is fully universal, suitable for all plastic and clay drainage products from 160mm to 186mm diameter

  • Does not lose shape

  • Does not float (self weight inhibits flotation)

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Precast concrete headwalls provide an ideal end connection point to outfall pipes into open watercourses such as rivers, culverts, collection and balancing ponds. They are a very efficient alternative to intrusive shuttering of soil embankments and costly on-site formwork with ready-mixed concrete, making them particularly suitable for use in hard to reach locations and in environmentally sensitive areas.

Where time constraints exist such as in tidal flow situations, concrete headwalls can be quickly positioned, secured and backfilled, providing immediate stability around the point of water discharge.

Our headwall range can accommodate pipe sizes from DN150 to DN2100 and is suitable for usage with box culverts. Additionally, accessories such as flap valves, penstocks, silt traps, handrails and safety grating can be built in as part of the specification.

A front weir wall can be fabricated onto any of the standard headwall range on request and installation is quick and easy.


  • Headwalls are designed and manufactured to BS EN 13369 & EC2 standards
  • Prefabricated off-site
  • Speedy and efficient to install
  • Durable, long-lasting and low maintenance
  • No on-site shuttering or formwork required
  • Provides immediate stability and prevents soil erosion
  • Valve and safety accessories available
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Significantly reduces the potential for floating debris to block the watercourse
  • Flap valves and grates available
  • Reduces carbon footprint as no need to bring in lorries to site to pour in-situ
  • The extended toe unit is available for all sizes making the entire headwall range compliant with Sewers for Adoption (SFA) and Sewers for Scotland
  • Complete lifting anchors as per table below
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