Polyethylene Pipe

TPS is Irelands leading supplier of Polyethylene pipe systems for Water, Waste Water and Gas networks.

In partnership with industry-leading manufacturers, we have developed a formidable reputation for quality and service, supported by our ability to supply Polyethylene pipe and associated fittings from either our extensive stocks in Dublin and Lisburn, or directly to site from the manufacturing plant.

Available in diameters from 20mm to 1200mm, and in lengths from 6mtr sticks to 100mtr coils (up to 180mm in coils), our Polyethylene pipe systems meet exacting standards imposed by the water and gas bodies.

Benefits of Polyethylene include:

  • Lightweight for ease of transportation

  • No requirement for anchor or thrust blocks

  • Incredibly strong and durable – and can be used for ‘no dig’ trenchless installations

  • Easy to join

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Smooth surface allowing limited head loss

Barrier Pipe & Fittings System

 As industrial land reuse has increased so too has the number of barrier pipe solutions in use in the UK & Ireland.

TPS offer a range of Barrier pipe and fittings system for safe transportation of drinking water through contaminated land.

The Barrier pipe system combines the proven benefits of polyethylene with the barrier properties of aluminium.

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Electrofusion Fittings

TPS offer an extensive selection of fittings for jointing to polyethylene pipes by either electrofusion (Water/Waste water - BS EN 12201-3.  Gas - GIS/PL2-4) or butt fusion. Electrofusion fittings are specifically designed for reliable, high performance pipe joining and long system life. Complete with automated fusion system, modern electrofusion fittings have proven to be most economical due to the low potential for operator error.



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Fabricated Fittings

Mitred and Pupped fabrications can be a cost effective and efficient solution for many site installations, particularly in large diameters.  Fittings are available in Black, Blue or Yellow and are suitable for pressure or non-pressure applications.

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Mechanical Fittings

Plasson mechanical fittings for Polyethylene pipe have been tried and tested in continuous use for over 50 years.  Plasson fittings provide safe and reliable connections for water mains, and are simple to use: The captive ‘O’ ring seal provides lifetime protection against leakage and requires no nut tightening to achieve a seal.  The system is designed for connection to many pipe types and materials, providing compatibility with existing systems.          

Plasson offer a complimentary range of valves, accessories and threaded products to provide a total solution to your network needs.                                                                                                  

Plasson mechanical fittings are approved by major European and global agencies for use on potable water, demonstrating it is a quality product.

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Also available in Pressure Pipelines